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The NSSC supports the General Schedule (GS) 1102 Training Program by procuring and scheduling training courses required for FAC-C certification. The NSSC serves as the POC for contract specialists in the Agency 1102 training program. The NSSC also coordinates the Agency Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting (FAC-C) by receiving and reviewing FAC-C applications and forwarding the acceptable applications to HQ for approval. Upon HQ approval, the NSSC issues certificates to the contract specialist.
Upcoming Courses:
NASA Procurement Career Development and Training:
The objective of this program is to provide procurement professionals with a standardized, consistent and high-quality training program in preparation for future career opportunities and challenges ahead. For more information on 1102 training and Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC - C) visit the NASA Procurement: Career Development and Training Web site.
Register for a Contracting Course:
      Choose an appropriate course from the 1102 Training Schedule.
      Coordinate your training request with your Center's 1102 training point of contact.
      Register for the course in SATERN.



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