The NSSC's Agency Contracting Program furthers NASA's commitment for the creation
and utilization of "Agency" contracts to satisfy common Center requirements and
supports the Agency's Strategic Sourcing Program. Agency Contracting can operate on
many levels, including: intra-center, center-wide, and government-wide basis, depending upon the commodity or service being acquired. Agency Contracting aims at identifying and logically grouping together similar requirements so that they may be procured efficiently.
The NSSC awards and administers agency contracts of a business nature that have been identified for transition to the NSSC.
The following Consolidated Agency-wide Acquisition Forecast is provided to allow users to search multiple NASA Centers for specific types of opportunities to match your organizational interests. This tool contains "pivot table" capabilities and graphics to easily manipulate and illustrate the data. Please note that there are five separate tabs at the bottom of this Excel-based tool to facilitate use of unique, useful data sets.



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