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Government Wide Accounting (GWA) Reporting
IPAC Treasury Account Symbols (TAS):
Click here to access the crosswalk from NASA fund codes to Treasury Account Symbols
(TAS). For additional information regarding GWA reporting, you can visit the FMS
Treasury Web Site by clicking here.
Service Description
The NSSC provides consolidated billing and collection for reimbursable and non-reimbursable Accounts Receivable.
Request a Waiver for a Bill of Collection

Access to specific AR tools (listed below) can now be requested through the NASA Access Management System (NAMS). You can search this application in NAMS by       typing "AR Collection Notification Email Lists" in the "Applications" tab in the  "Find NAMS Resource" field.

  • AR Advanced Notification
  • AR FOIA Notification 
  • AR Return Notification 
  • AR Tech Doc Search Pool


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