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Change of Station Process and Related Tax Information
To learn more, see:
Relocation Income Tax Allowance Information (Updated May 1, 2015)
Simple Change of Station Process for NASA Travelers
If you are planning a change of station with NASA and you are wondering what steps
you need to take to ensure a successful move, you've come to the right place! We've
broken the process down into simple steps to help you during this hectic time.
If traveling CONUS, review: NASA's Guide to a Successful Move (CONUS)
If traveling OCONUS, review: NASA's Guide to a Successful Move (OCONUS)
      1. The NSSC receives notification from your Center HR Office that you have been
          authorized to relocate.
      2. DO NOT start any part of your change of station move prior to receiving the
          approved Travel Authorization (TA) number.
      3. The NSSC issues a TA number.
      4. A Relocation Counselor will contact you and provide counseling on all
          entitlements associated with your relocation.
      5. Relocation Counselor completes forms on your behalf.
      6. Traveler reviews, signs, and returns forms to Relocation Counselor.
      7. The NSSC contacts the employee to inform them that their forms have been
           received and forwarded for approval.
      8. Relocation Counselor provides relocation services.
      9. Submit a separate voucher for each relocation expense.
     10. Voucher is received and audited by the NSSC.
     11. NSSC disburses the Travel Expense Report and submits to Treasury for
     12. You will receive an e-mail that payment has been made to Treasury; you will
           receive an e-mail with a scanned copy of the voucher and worksheets
           showing payment calculation within 2-3 business days of payment.
    You receive payment via your designated account.
Tip of the Quarter
It is strongly encouraged that employees keep all receipts related to their relocation.
Receipts are required for all lodging, groceries, and expenses greater than $75. If a
claim is determined to be unreasonable, you will be required to substantiate all related
expenses with receipts. Please adhere to the definition of a receipt:
A written/printed acknowledgement from a vendor to the authorized employee or
family for payment(s) received for goods or services provided. The receipt shall provide the following information:
      1. Printed name and address of the vendor;
      2. Date payment received;
      3. Form of payment (specified in the form of cash, check, credit card, etc.);
      4. Total amount of payment;
      5. Name of the individual who received the goods or services (if hand written);
      6. Brief description or itemized listing of actual goods or services provided. (Note:
          If the receipt is for Temporary Quarters/lodging, it should include the address
          and time period of service);
      7. Signature of vendor (if hand written receipt).


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