Classification Services

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Shared Services Center (NSSC) is responsible for providing position classification services for the Agency. Position classification is the process used to evaluate the duties and responsibilities of a position in order to assign a title, occupational series, and grade. Proper job classification is a legal requirement and cannot be compromised. Every employee is assigned to a Position Description (PD). The PD outlines the major duties and responsibilities the employee is required to perform for a majority of the employee’s time. These duties are evaluated in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) classification standards and the NASA Supplemental Classification System (NSCS). The work of the position is the legal basis for its classification and drives the position’s grade. Authority to classify positions is issued by OPM and exercised by the NASA Office of Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO).

The NSSC will provide classification services in accordance with applicable Federal and NASA regulations to provide the stakeholders with timely, accurate, and comprehensive services.

The NSSC supports the Agency by managing the NASA Classification program

  • Ensure NASA’s classification program meets regulatory requirements and is consistent with OPM and Agency policy guidance.
  • Ensure proper classification for new PDs. This also includes Center standard PDs, Statements of Difference (SODs), and career ladder PDs.
  • Provide notifications to management when PDs are due for recertification.
  • Conduct desk audits when requested or required.
  • Respond to all inquiries from both internal and external entities (e.g. OPM, NASA OCHCO, NASA Centers, etc.) on issues related to classification.
  • Provide comments when requested in regards to new OPM classification standards and ensure implementation across the Agency for any positions affected.
  • Review draft classification standards for Agency, comment and apply newly published OPM standards.
  • Consult with management/HRBP regarding position classification.
  • Complete PD edits in the Electronic Position Description System (ePDS).
  • Conducts Consistency Reviews.
  • Manage ePDS user accounts and access.
  • Archive positions in ePDS.