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Welcome to NASA Conference Tracking. In recent years, Congress placed various
requirements on NASA regarding conference related expenditures and attendance. To
accomplish the monitoring and reporting needed to meet Congress's requirements,
NASA created the NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS). This system is moderator-assisted by NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) and by Points of Contacts withineach organization.
The NSSC is responsible for the administration of the NCTS, which includes data entry
for all reportable conferences and related costs. NCTS enables NASA to adhere to the
50-person limit on NASA employees at any one foreign conference, and to facilitate
reporting costs and other characteristics of NASA Sponsored conferences. For any
other type of conference, make travel arrangements following normal travel procedures.
The NSSC performs conference reporting support to the NASA OCFO, Center determinationteams, and conference attendees. The NSSC acts as system moderator and performs administrative functions in the NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS) including:
  • Performing data entry of reportable conferences into NCTS including information requiring research on conference Web sites and brochures; an
  • Monitoring of NCTS entries to ensure no duplicate entries are made.
Please direct any questions or inquiries regarding the administration of NCTS to the
NSSC Customer Contact Center. If they are unable to help, they can connect you to the
NCTS Moderator who can assist you further.
*All conferences, including Tiers 1-4, are now required to have a NCTS conference code.*
--An NF1784 is no longer required for issuance of a NCTS conference code
--No conference is entered as "reportable" until such time as an NF-1784 is filed. 


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