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Welcome to NASA Conference Tracking. In recent years, Congress placed various requirements on NASA regarding conference related expenditures and attendance. To accomplish the monitoring and reporting needed to meet Congress's requirements NASA created the NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS). This system is now administered and maintained by the NASA Enterprise Application Competency Center (NEACC). NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) performs conference reporting support to the NASA OCFO, Center determination teams, and conference attendees by performing the following in the NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS):
• Performing data entry of reportable conferences into NCTS including information requiring research on conference Web site; and
• Monitoring of NCTS entries to ensure no duplicate entries are made.

Please direct any questions or inquiries related to technical concerns, user roles, and system access of to the NASA Enterprise Application Competency Center (NEACC).
• Competency Center Customer Care Mailbox,
• NASA Information Support Center at 1-866-419-6297 or 256-544-5700.

NCTS Reportable Conferences Listing


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