The NSSC Drug Testing Team administers the NASA Drug Testing Program to meet all pre-employment, random, voluntary, post-accident or unsafe practice, reasonable suspicion, and follow-up testing. Tests are conducted at Headquarters, all NASA Centers and Satellites.

Some of the Drug Testing Team's responsibilities include the following:
-       Secure and manage a contract for collection and analysis of all NASA drug tests
-     Arrange for tests, and distribute test notifications
-     Provide results received from the Medical Review Officers (MRO) to employees
      and/or Center Human Resource Office (HRO) representatives for any necessary
      follow-up action
-     Conduct the following types of tests:
        Pre-Employment Testing
            -     Tests applicants tentatively selected for a Testing Designated Position
            -     Tests applicants at Contracted Collection Facilities
            -     Provides the findings of the MRO to the Center HRO representative for any
                  necessary follow-up action
        Random Testing
             -     Schedules random tests at Headquarters, all Centers and Satellites
             -     Uses a Drug Testing Software with an externally certified random selection
                   generator to randomly select employees in Testing Designated Positions
                   (TDPs) to test
             -     Tests randomly selected employees only whose position has
                   been determined to be a TDP by each Center's HRO in accordance
                   with the specific criteria described in the appendices of NASA Procedural
                   Requirements (NPR) 3792.1, Plan for a Drug-Free Workplace
             -     Tests a minimum of 4 times a year at each Center
             -     Randomly tests a minimum of 25% of NASA TDPs each year
             -     Provides the findings of the MRO to tested employees and/or Center HRO
                   representative for any necessary follow-up action
         Voluntary Testing
             -     Tests randomly selected employees who are not in a TDP but have
                    volunteered to be included in the pool from which employees are
                    randomly selected for testing
         Follow-up Testing
             -     Unannounced testing of an employee who successfully completes 
                   rehabilitation for illegal drug use
             -     Testing conducted by direction of NASA Centers and for a minimum period
                   of one year
         Post-Accident or Unsafe Practice and Reasonable Suspicion Testing
             -     Conducts these tests as directed by NASA Centers
                 -     Tests may be conducted at any time of day or night



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