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The NSSC supports HR transaction processing and related records to produce updated:
  • SES data;
  • Official Personnel Folder (OPF) data;
  • SF-50 (Notification of Personnel Action) data;
  • Non-OPF data or data not recorded on SF-50; and
  • Data requested through the use of Group Action Request Lists (GARLs).
Additionally, the NSSC performs maintenance of electronic Official Personnel Folder
(eOPF) including:
  • Maintaining all information, forms, and data that comprise the OPF;
  • Administering the eOPF system for NASA employees;
  • Establishing initial NASA accounts and adjusting access levels upon formal request;
  • Serving as the custodian of employee records;
  • Establishing, maintaining, purging, transferring, and arranging files for archiving;
  • Inserting appropriate documents;
  • Purging documents, as necessary, to meet regulatory and NASA guidance;
  • Producing reports; and
  • Providing SF-75 (request for preliminary employment data) information, as required.
Did you know?
Did you know that you can sort your eOPF by Effective Date, Form Number, type and
side? Simply click on one of those titles and the system will sort accordingly for you.
Note to NASA Centers
   With the new electronic transfer of eOPF's, please send Employees Performance
   Folders to the NSSC as soon as you know the employee is leaving. This includes
   separations, retirements, and transfers.
   Please do not send Center Employee Clearance Forms. These forms are not an
   eOPF item and should be stored at your Center per your center regulations.
What's in Your Folder?
Your electronic folder contains only those documents specified in OPM's Guide to
Personnel Recordkeeping.
If you are not sure what forms belong in the eOPF, please visit the Office of Personnel's
Management; Master Forms list at
Retirement Coverage Determinations
Note: As of April, 22, 2011, Retirement Coverage Determinations will now begin to be
filed on the permanent side of the eOPF according to the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping,
Page 3-11.


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