Enterprise License Management Team

The Enterprise License Management Team (ELMT) was established at the NSSC to provide support for the discovery, analysis, establishment and management of Agency enterprise software licensing. The ELMT manages initiatives for licensing and contract consolidation and negotiates standard pricing for selected software for NASA. The ELMT maintains licensing and contract consolidation initiatives activities for NASA and negotiates economy of scale pricing for selected software.

By seeking best-value procurements, cost avoidance and savings opportunities for the Agency, the ELMT provides NASA with the means to take full advantage of reduced software and procurement costs. Other tangible benefits include increased Agency access to vendor software suites, centralized license compliance and audit support gained through leveraged purchasing power and economies of scale.

ELMT managed agreements optimize cost savings by leveraging the full purchasing capacity of the Agency based on economies of scale. By leveraging the ELMT managed agreements, NASA can improve the Agency's ability to identify, acquire, distribute, and manage software—and save NASA funds to use elsewhere.



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