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Enterprise License Management Team

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NOTE: Purchasing of most of the Agency's Simplified Acquisitions have transitioned to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) team at the NSSC.  A Simplified Acquisition is an acquisition with a value at or below $150,000.

If your software requirement is at or below $150,000 for a standalone software license or a requirement that can be met by ordering off of an ELMT enterprise agreement, the Simplified Acquisition Threshold team at the NSSC will process most of the requests.**

** To avoid delays in orders being processed, click on this link to verify whether your software order under an ELMT agreement will be processed by SAT or ELMT: ELMT Portfolio for SAT_Customer Version

In order for the SAT team to process your request, a ticket must be created in the Simplified Acquisition Customer Portal. The portal can be found at the Enterprise Service Desk.

Just click "order services" and look for the green SAT icon!

You can find user guides and videos on how to use the Simplified Customer Portal, as well as other useful information regarding Simplified Acquisitions at the NSSC at the following website.


NOTE: For ELMT orders above $150,000 and any exceptions to that rule such as Agency-wide renewals involving multiple Centers, please see the procurement instructions under the "Complete Contract List".  Currently a ticket request is not required for orders processed by ELMT.

Please note that a PR package must still be created in SAP and routed to the NSSC.

The Enterprise License Management Team (ELMT) was established at the NSSC to provide support for the discovery, analysis, establishment and management of Agency enterprise software licensing. The ELMT manages initiatives for licensing and contract consolidation and negotiates standard pricing for selected software for NASA. The ELMT maintains licensing and contract consolidation initiatives activities for NASA and negotiates economy of scale pricing for selected software.

By seeking best-value procurements, cost avoidance and savings opportunities for the Agency, the ELMT provides NASA with the means to take full advantage of reduced software and procurement costs. Other tangible benefits include increased Agency access to vendor software suites, centralized license compliance and audit support gained through leveraged purchasing power and economies of scale.

ELMT managed agreements optimize cost savings by leveraging the full purchasing capacity of the Agency based on economies of scale. By leveraging the ELMT managed agreements, NASA can improve the Agency's ability to identify, acquire, distribute, and manage software—and save NASA funds to use elsewhere.


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