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The Concur Government Edition (CGE) travel system has been in operation for almost one year. As with most commercial off the shelf (COTS) packages, there is a rules of behavior screen. All users are requested to read the Rules of Behavior Screen. To read the Rules of Behavior, click here.
Simple Extended TDY Travel Process for NASA Travelers
Are you are planning on going on extended TDY with NASA and are wondering what
steps you need to do to ensure a successful trip? You've come to the right place! We've broken the process down into simple steps to help you figure out what to do next.
1. Notify your Center Travel Office of your upcoming extended travel.
2. Complete the NSSC Extended TDY Questionnaire and watch the NSSC Extended TDY Video.
3. Attend Ex-TDY Orientation via SATERN.
       a. Once you have logged into SATERN, click on "Catalog" then
           "Simple Catalog Search".
       b. In the keyword box type "Extended TDY" and click search.
4. Receive assistance on Extended TDY policies, procedures, and entitlements.
    Submit and receive an approved Travel Authorization via CGE according to
    your Center's process. For assistance, see: ETDY Counseling Checklist.
5. Prepare and submit a Travel Voucher via CGE monthly.
6. Ensure receipts are attached to the Travel Voucher prior to submission.
7. Access the CGE Travel Voucher, print the fax cover sheet and
    fax to the number indicated on the front of the cover sheet.
8. The NSSC completes an audit of your Travel Voucher and receipts prior to
    disbursement once all necessary documents are obtained.
9. The Travel Voucher is routed to Center Management for approval.
10. NSSC disburses the Travel Voucher and submits to Treasury for payment.
11. You are notified via e-mail that payment has been made to Treasury.
12. You receive payment via your designated account.
  Need more detail?
  Reduced Per Diem rate
  Per Diem expenses are reimbursable at the reduced rate of 65 percent of the
  applicable per diem rate at the Extended TDY location under the current policy as
  defined in the NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 9700.1
  Complete the ETDY Training SLAM
   Once you have logged into SATERN, click on "Catalog" then "Simple Catalog
  Search"; in the keyword box type "Extended TDY" and click search.
  Use of Travel Cards
  Travel cards are to be used for official Government travel-related expenses only and
  should not be used for personal expenses while on official travel.
  GSA Long-term Lodging (Schedule 48)
  GSA's Schedule 48 is designed for lodging needs of 30 days or more. This program
  provides housing accommodations for temporary or permanent relocation. Typical
  facilities include apartment or condominium type properties that may be furnished with
  all the amenities of a regular home. The current list of vendors is available by clicking
  on the link above. Most of these properties will accommodate NASA Extended TDY
  travelers within the 65% reduce per diem rate and will allow use of the government
  charge card.
  Did You Know?
  In CGE, when a person is on ETDY and they have another trip to another
  location – we call it a "nested" trip. The nested trips must be processed in the order in
  which they occur. Additionally, all nested trips must be processed prior to the monthly
  ETDY (interim) travel voucher. Home trips should be included on the monthly ETDY
  (interim) travel voucher, instead of creating a nested travel voucher.


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