The NSSC handles registration activities for NASA employees for individually funded
training activities. These activities include:
  • Individual courses
  • University
  • Conferences (reportable and non-reportable)
  • Provides authorized training forms for academic billing;
  • Contacts vendors, procures seats, and registers employees for courses; and
  • Utilizes bulk purchasing when possible and leverages vendor discounts.
To register for training please access the SATERN Web site.
Key Processes
Positive Action Recommendations
  • Training Offices need to ensure that, whenever possible, training requests are submitted with sufficient time to process the training purchase (5 business days).
  • When sufficient time is not available due to a late submission by a learner, denial of the training, or a requirement for the individual to pre-pay should be considered.
  • Approval of a Reimbursement SF-182 by the Training Office should be accomplished prior to the training start date to avoid a ratification requirement for the center. 
  • Training Purchase Requests submitted less than 7 calendar days prior to training are at risk for ratification (12.6%).                                                                                                                       
  • Training Purchase Requests submitted on or after training start dates are Ratifications.
  • Integrated Procurement Documentation For Training Purchases (NSSC-Form 0028)                                                                                                                                                           
  • AR Invoice Data Requirements Tuition Collections (NSSC-Form-0063)
Note: No-Cost and Reimbursement Training Requests approved by the Centers after the training start date could be an audit issue for the Centers if funding is involved and a Ratification is not documented.



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