Financial Disclosure


The NSSC Financial Disclosure Team provides support to Agency ethics offices, human resources offices, and financial disclosure filers for Confidential Financial Disclosure Office of Government (OGE) Form 450, Public Financial Disclosure Report OGE Form 278e, and Periodic Transaction Report OGE Form 278-T through NASA's Ethics Program Tracking System (EPTS) and related services. Public and confidential financial disclosures serve to identify and prevent conflicts of interest by providing a systematic review of the financial interest of both current and prospective officers and employees. These reports assist agencies in administering their ethics program and providing counseling to employees. If you have substantive questions on your reporting obligations, please contact a NASA Ethics Advisor at your Center.

Some of the Financial Disclosure Team's responsibilities include the following:
            -      Identifies filing requirement;
            -      Sends and stores notifications;
            -      Processes and stores forms;
            -      Offers easy-to-use electronic signature to filers and approving officials; and
            -      Offers detailed ethics reporting.

EPTS is a Web-based service that enables users to electronically file, sign, track, and review the Public and Confidential Financial Disclosure Forms and Periodic Transaction Reports.




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