Simple Foreign Travel Process for NASA Travelers
Are you planning to travel on official NASA business outside of the U.S. and wondering
what steps you need to take to ensure a successful trip? You've come to the right place!
We've broken the process down into 8 simple steps to help you know where to begin
and what to do next.
    1. Submit and receive an approved Travel Authorization via CGE
    2. Prepare and submit a Travel Voucher via CGE within five (5)
        working days after completion of travel.
    3. Ensure receipts are attached to the Travel Voucher prior to submission.
        Access the CGE Travel Voucher, click Summary tab, scroll to document
        attachments section, click “Upload Document Attachments”.
        If you do not have access to attach the receipts, you can click the link to
        “Print Fax Cover Page” to be able to fax in your receipts.
    4. NSSC audits Travel Voucher and receipts prior to disbursement once all
        necessary documentation is obtained and the voucher is approved by the
        Fund Certifier.
    5. Travel Voucher is routed to Center Management for approval.
    6. NSSC disburses Travel Voucher and submits to Treasury for payment.
    7. You are notified via e-mail that payment has been made to Treasury.
    8. You receive payment via your designated account.
Need more detail?
The following steps detail the foreign travel process
    1. Submit and receive an approved Travel Authorization via Concur
        Government Edition (CGE) at according to your Center’s process.
        a. If you encounter problems completing your authorization in CGE,
            please contact your Center Travel Office.
        b. Approved authorizations must be received prior to travel.
    2. Submit a travel voucher via CGE within five (5) working days after
        completion of travel.
        a. If you encounter problems completing your voucher in CGE,
            please contact your Center Travel Office.
        b. Ensure receipts are attached to the voucher prior to submission.
            i. Access your voucher in CGE and attach the pdf document
            ii. If you cannot attach a pdf, you can print the fax receipt cover
               sheet and fax to the number indicated.
            iii. You are required to maintain your receipts for 6 years
                3 months per FTR 301.52.4 sub-item 3.
    3. Voucher reviewed by the NSSC.
        a. Your voucher is received at the NSSC once it has been approved
             by the Fund certifier in CGE.
        b. The NSSC completes a review of the voucher and all receipts prior to
        c. Once the voucher has completed the review process it will be approved
            in CGE.
        d. If errors are encountered during the review, the following will occur:
            i.   The NSSC will return the voucher to the traveler/preparer.
            ii.  The NSSC will email a correction template to the traveler/preparer
                 and copy the center travel office describing the changes needed
                 to correct the voucher.
            iii. The traveler will resubmit the voucher.
            iv. The NSSC will review the voucher again.
    4. Center Management will approve the voucher.
    5. NSSC will disburse the voucher (provided funding is available). If funding
        or accounting code errors are encountered, the NSSC will return the
        voucher to the traveler/preparer to work with the Fund Certifier to
        correct the problem.
    6. Payment is made by Treasury. You will receive notification via e-mail
        once payment has been made.
    7. Traveler receives payment in appropriate account.
Rental Car
When Preparing Voucher:
    1. Exclude personal days or unauthorized upgrades from the rental car
        total by prorating the amount. For example, calculate the daily amount
        and deduct personal days from the total amount and adjust the taxes
    2. Ensure the amount you have entered on the travel voucher matches
        the receipt amount (less any unauthorized upgrades or personal days)
    3. Be vigilant in checking for transposition of numbers
    4. Travelers are not to be reimbursed for purchasing prepaid refueling
        options for rental cars FTR 301-10.450(d)
When preparing voucher: Remember:
    1. Travelers may obtain access to view their IBA credit card statements
        online prior to receiving bill. (Contact your Center Agency Program
        Coordinator for details). This mechanism can be used to obtain the
        actual charges which reflect the foreign currency conversion rate incurred.
        A full copy of the IBA statement showing the travelers name and dates of
        statement should be provided to the NSSC with receipts to support the
        charge if using the exchange rate obtained from the credit card statement
    2. If the NSSC does not have the IBA statement, the OANDA website is
        used for foreign currency conversion rates. To compute the conversion,
        we input the payment date for the particular expense incurred. For
        lodging we use the checkout date on the receipt if no payment date is
        provided. Website:



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