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The NSSC provides travel reimbursement services for all authorized Agency foreign
Simple Foreign Travel Process for NASA Travelers
Are you planning to travel on official NASA business outside of the U.S. and wondering
what steps you need to take to ensure a successful trip? You've come to the right place!
We've broken the process down into 8 simple steps to help you know where to begin
and what to do next.
    1. Submit and receive an approved Travel Authorization via
    2. Prepare and submit a Travel Expense Report via within five (5)
        working days after completion of travel.
    3. Ensure receipts are attached to the Travel Expense Report prior to submission.
        Access the Travel Expense Report, print the fax cover sheet and
        fax to the number indicated on the front cover sheet.
    4. NSSC audits Travel Expense Report and receipts prior to disbursement once all
        necessary documentation is obtained.
    5. Travel Expense Report is routed to Center Management for approval.
    6. NSSC disburses Travel Expense Report and submits to Treasury for payment.
    7. You are notified via e-mail that payment has been made to Treasury.
    8. You receive payment via your designated account.
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