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What is a PI Transfer?

A Principal Investigator (PI) has left the institution that was awarded the grant or cooperative agreement (CA) (de-obligation of funds and end grant) and wants to continue performance at the new institution they transferred to (re-obligation) of funds on a new award.

The request must have the required documents as specified below in order to make a complete package and submitted by the TO or RA or Center POC responsible for the award.

Grants and Agreements Principal Investigator (PI) Transfer Checklist

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Please check the box based on each individual requirement. You may attach each individual item or you may have one attachment per section.

Attachments cannot exceed 5 Megabytes each, cannot be an executable file (.exe) or a zipped file (.zip). Emails must be attached as an Adobe PDF (portable document format) or .msg format and any email attachments should be reformatted and attached to their applicable section. Allowed File Types: txt, jpg, jpeg, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, ppt, pptx.

A. From the Relinquishing Institution (for De-obligation):

1) Relinquishment Letter to include the date relinquished
2) SF 425 (Financial Report) reflecting the amount to relinquish
3) Any past due Progress Report(s)     N/A

B. From the New Institution (for Re-obligation):

1) Letter of Acceptance
2) Proposal including Statement of Work (SOW)
3) Budget including Justification and Narrative
4) Grants Required Assurances
5) AOR/POC and PI's contact information (email addresses and phone numbers)
6) PI Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

C. From the Technical Officer:

1) Grant PI Transfer Tech Eval and Recommendation:  (refer to NASA GCAM, Sec. 6.3, 2. a-e)
2) Funding PR from De-obligation to Re-obligation (coordinated with the NSSC)
3) Any correspondence (if applicable)
4) Other - Please state:

All documents attached along with the checklist will automatically be emailed directly to along with the Requestor and any other POCs listed. Due to attachment file size limits, the documents will be compressed before emailing.

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B) 4. Grants Required Assurances
C) 1. Grant PI Transfer Tech Eval and Recommendation: (refer to NASA GCAM, Sec. 6.3, 2. a-e)

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