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Please note that the new OMB Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR Part 200, was implemented by NASA on December 26, 2014. NASA has implemented the OMB Uniform Guidance with 2 CFR 1800 and the Grants and Cooperative Agreement Manual (GCAM). Both may be found on the left hand side of the following website: NASA Grants and Cooperative Agreements.

Please be advised that since the final Federal Financial Report (SF 425) is due within 90 days of the performance period end date, any payment requests submitted after that period will automatically be placed on hold and considered for rejection by the Payment Management System (PMS).
How to Use the Grants Status Search
If you are a recipient of a NASA Grant or Cooperative Agreement award, you can use the Grants Status Search to check the status of your award while in process. NASA employees as well as grant recipients use the Grants Status Search to check the process from receipt of the Technical Requirements Package (TRP) at the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) to making funds available to the grantee. The search also provides information on supplemental actions for the award such as funding and administrative change supplements

To use the Grants Status Search, select the search field you wish to search on, type in up to 40 characters of search criteria or select from a picklist field or Date field and then select the Display Type for how you would like to see the results. You will be provided with the Grant(s) that match your search criteria. To search by Date, select the Date field and enter a From and To date. Please note that you cannot search by a field and search by Date at the same time.

  • Choose the Search Field
  • Type in Search Criteria (max: 40 chars) or Date Range
  • Choose the Display Type: HTML or Excel
  • Press Submit to initiate the search
  • Press Reset to initiate a new search

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