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The NSSC supports, coordinates, facilitates, and administers customer/Agency surveys,
and studies of interest to the Government, as requested by the HR POC. The NSSC:
  • Provides support during the development, deployment, and results analysis of surveys and assessments.
  • Makes effective use of all available media in publicizing any required survey.
  • Deploys standard surveys and assessments to the appropriate customer or Agency target audience.
  • Collects results and keeping with the design parameters of acceptable response rates, completes initial analysis of results data, and provides summary data reports to the requestor.
  • Maintains a survey and assessment repository containing both standard and customized survey assessment questions as well as data files of past survey and assessment results.
The Agency/Centers retain content definition, determination of appropriate
software/tools, definition of implementation plan/schedule, analytical reasoning and
analysis, and development of conclusions and recommendations.
The NSSC manages and administers a survey and assessment tools library to make
available, for NASA-approved and authorized use, a range of survey and assessment
software tools, including updates, license documentation, and user instructions and


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