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I3P Business Services

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The I3P Business Services provides business services related support to the I3P Service Offices including administration of the following I3P contracts: ACES, EAST, NICS and Networx Delivery Orders. The composition of the I3P Business Services is built around three main functions:
  • Resources Managment
       Budget Formulation;
       Resources Management and IPAC Processing;
       Invoice / Voucher Reconciliation;
  • Administration and Reporting;
    Services/Catalog Management;
       SLA Administration;
       Utilization Coordination and Analysis;
       Performance and Utilization Reporting;
       Survey Administration, Analysis, and Reporting;
  • Contract Administration;
    Contract Management; and
       Contract Funding.
Welcome to I3P Business Services
Centers can now attach a SAP BW report of the Funds Commitment Document to the
NSSC Form 76 and only record the total on the form. The team continues to work with
HP and IT to update the CMDB as items are finalized and new functionality is added.The
team is using a new database created for managing the ACES invoices. This database
will be used beginning with the October invoice submissions. The team is also preparing
for the transition of the WESTPrime contract in February. Questions regarding the
business office can be sent to
IT Asset Data
The I3P Business Services is working with Centers to complete final reconciliation of the
bulk template data. Some data currently exists within the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD)
Web environment We anticipate having all data populated in the near future. Employees
will have this data visible when submitting and viewing help tickets. The data will
assist the service desk and Tier-2 service providers in providing faster service to customers. The data also feeds into the Funds Check and Reconciliation Tool (FCaRT), which assists the I3P business office in reconciling invoices and ensures accurate payments.
Changes to an individual's IT Asset Data should now be submitted as a Service Request
via the ESD Tier-0 Web site ( Please use the "Order Services"
capability to make any changes to assets, such as asset moves, cancellations of seats,
etc. Questions on use of the ESD ordering system should be directed to the ESD via the
My Tickets functionality at Tier-0, by e-mail to, or by calling
1-877-677-2123. IT Asset changes for Wave One Centers can no longer be made via
bulk order templates.
Currently, changes to the Cost Center assigned to an IT asset that incurs a recurring
monthly charge cannot be made at ESD Tier-0; any cost center change to these assets
should be requested using the Cost Center Change Template. Please submit the completed template to the I3P Business Office via e-mail at


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