Information Materials


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The HR Information Materials section at NSSC has been busy supporting Agency-wide
requirements for document creation to include posters, pamphlets, and briefings. If you
have an HR document requirement, you can submit your request through OHCM for
For your general information, the following types of items are handled by HR Information
Materials personnel:
  • User instruction materials
  • Employee informational materials
  • Troubleshooting documents
  • Web site content
  • Desk guides
  • Training manuals
  • Marketing materials
To request any of the above services please use the Information Materials Request Form. As the requestor of the new document, you fill out the portion identified as requiring information from the requestor. You then submit the form according to the directions contained on the form. For your project, include as much information about the request that you possibly can. This will help our team to better meet your needs.