The NSSC supports the development, testing, and deployment of online training content in the SATERN environment. Testing includes validation of Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) / Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) conformance, Section 508 compliance, and SATERN supported desktop/browser configurations for all supported processes. The NSSC also develops mobile-ready SATERN content and includes testing and validation on current versions of the Apple iPhone and iPad. Mobile-ready courses are also tested for 508 compliance and full functionality in supported desktop/browser configurationsThe four major processes include:
  • Conversion of Center/discipline provided course materials into a computer based training course;
  • Updating of existing course content;
  • Validation testing and upload of Center/discipline provided courses; and
  • Maintaining Technology requirements for external development activities/vendors.
For External Vendors and Developers: SATERN Online Training Content
Technical Requirements
In a continuing effort to improve SATERN Online Training Support, the NSSC has
defined a set of SATERN online training technical requirements based on course development best practices and our experience specific to SATERN online courses. These requirements better define the technical specifications and acceptable course development practices for online training courses posted to SATERN. Tools for vendors and developers for online content is available at Quick Links: Technical Requirements and Reference pages.
For Content Owners: Online Training Services Support Process Changes
1. Funding – Funds to support Online Training Services Support are part of the quarterly forward funding sent to the NSSC working capital fund. As such, individual IPACs for each support request are no longer required. Disciplines and projects must coordinate with their respective parent Centers or Mission Directorates for funding approval.
2.Requests – Because funding is centralized for Centers/Mission Directorates, a central POC for submission of requests and estimate approvals is required. Requests submitted by customers not on the Center-approved POC list will be referred back to the Center/Discipline POC for approval before the NSSC processes the request.
3.Estimates, final cost, and delivery date – After we review each the NSSC will provide the respective funding approver with a labor hours estimate to complete the request. This is not a fixed price for the work required for the course; the final cost may vary. New or changing customer requirements, defects in the course design or content are example factors that can affect the final cost. NSSC errors are not charged to the customer. Similar to the final cost, the labor hours estimate does not directly correlate to a delivery date, as the request may change hands for different portions of the process and may have to await available resources.
4.Request priority – Requests are prioritized in two groups: Federally mandated and all others. The priority order within each group is based on the funding approval date.
The Online Training Support Status Report
The Online Training Support Status Report is updated weekly and provides the status for all Online Training Support Requests open with the NSSC.
The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) supports the Agency with Online training
course content conversion, testing, and upload to the Agency Learning Management
System (LMS), currently the System for Administration, Training, and Educational
Resources for NASA (SATERN).
Online training course content is any Web-enabled training course content hosted within
SATERN and available to NASA users. The course content can be standardized Agency-wide training or Center-specific training. Skillsoft and Books 24/7 are not covered within this service as they fall under standard SATERN Admin support. Cost estimates for new course loads and content updates will be based upon an initial estimate of the work to be provided (to include compliance and operational testing). Course catalog maintenance, deactivations, and operational troubleshooting are included as part of the basic SATERN Admin support rate.
NSSC provides the single conduit for adding and updating online training within
The first step in adding or updating online training content is to complete one of the Online Training Support Request Forms. NSSC will contact you directly and provide you with
additional information specific to your course needs. All online training for SATERN must
be Section 508 compliant, Sharable Content Object Reference Module (SCORM) 1.2, AICC,
and adhere to the NASA Internet Publishing Content Guidelines found in section 11.3.9
of NPR 2810.1A.



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