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Problem with Your Leave and Earnings Statement?
1. Contact the Department of Interior, Interior Business Center (IBC) at 1-800-662-4324 (information line) or (303) 969-7732 (call center).
Or visit the IBC's website:
2. If the IBC is unable to resolve the issue, please contact the NSSC Customer Contact
Center at 1-877-NSSC123 (1-877-677-2123).
Other Information
Employee Express
NSSC Payroll Restored Leave Process
The NSSC Payroll Liaison Office normally receives the completed and signed POD
A-10 form via the NASA Center Payroll Office. The NSSC Payroll Liaison Office reviews and validates Annual Leave hours requested for restoration and then forwards via Fax the POD A-10 form to the Payroll Operations Division at Department of Interior, Denver Colorado.


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