PCard Marquee

NASA's current Bankcard application will be replaced with a new P-Card application in February 2020.  Some improvements that users can expect include, the ability to add attachments on purchase card orders, the ability to use additional browsers such as Chrome, and a modern appearance.  Additional information regarding upcoming P-Card application training opportunities will be provided in early December.


The NSSC Purchase Card Team, comprised of both Government and Contract employees, located at the NASA Shared Services Center, provides a wide range of services to the Agency's P-Card Community, comprised of approximately 2000 cardholders and 900 approving officials, spending on average of $100M per year. Some of the services and operational support provided include cardholder reconciliation assistance, responding to audit requests, providing data in reply to FOIA requests, performing account reviews, conducting cardholder audits, and answering daily inquiries.



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