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Welcome to the NASA Purchase Card Web Page maintained by the NSSC.  The NSSC functions as Lead Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for NASA's Purchase Card Program and serves as the contracting officer for NASA's charge card contract with the bank contractor.  The Lead APC also develops best practices and procedures for the P-Card Program. 

P-CARD ANNOUNCEMENT – Be advised that as a result of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, the Micro Purchase Threshold for the entire Federal Government is being increased to $10,000.

This means, effective February 16, 2018 per PCD 18-01, NASA Purchase Cardholders' Single Purchase Spend Limit increased from $3,500 to $10,000 unless (1) your Approving Official notified the NSSC otherwise; (2) your single purchase limit was set below $3,500 prior (no change will occur); or (3) your single purchase limit was set above the $10,000 prior (no change will occur)

Additionally, Cardholder's Monthly Spend Limit  was also increased to $25,000 to ensure transactions are processed and not declined due to reaching or exceeding the monthly limit unless (1) your Approving Official notified the NSSC to request a different limit; (2) your monthly purchase spend limit was above $25,000 prior (no change will occur)

Please note, the NSSC P-Card Team does NOT set spend limits – we implement the limits set by Approving Officials.  Should you have questions, please contact the NSSC Customer Contact Center at (877) 677-2123 (877-NSSC123), nssc-contactcenter@nasa.gov

Effective February 1, 2018, all Center Purchase Card Programs have transitioned to the NSSC over the last year and a half.  The NSSC P-Card Team is responsible for the management and oversight of all p-card activity at each NASA Center.  The NSSC P-Card Team creates new accounts after confirming all training requirements are met, maintains accounts, performs reviews and audits of Center p-card transactions and assists with monthly reconciliation.

Effective December 14, 2017, NASA Purchase Card Notice 17-01, "Verification of Receipt and Tracking of Controlled Equipment" was issued.  This revision to the NASA Purchase Card Procedures and Instructions changed the policy for the receipt and tracking of controlled equipment purchased using the Government purchase card.

"The latest changes are posted to the NASA Purchase Card Procedures and Instructions. Please note that changes from the previous version are highlighted in yellow."

"The PCN is posted to the Procurement Library webpage https://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/procurement/regs/pcn.pdf."



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