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NASA Space Act Agreement

NASA Space Act Agreements

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The National Aeronautics and Space Act (the Space Act) provides NASA with the unique authority to enter into a wide range of "other transactions," commonly referred to as Space Act Agreements (SAAs). The Agency enters into SAAs with various partners to advance NASA mission and program objectives, including international cooperative space activities. In the interest of promoting transparency in regard to such transactions, NASA will be posting summary data for SAAs with U.S. commercial and non-profit partners, as well as for our international agreements. These reports will be updated and posted to this site on a quarterly basis.

Definitions for Agreement Types

Reimbursable Agreements - Agreements where NASA's costs associated to the activity are reimbursed by the Agreement Partner (in full or in part). NASA undertakes Reimbursable Agreements when it has unique goods, services, and facilities that are not currently being fully utilized to accomplish mission needs. These may be made available to others on a noninterference basis and consistent with the Agency's missions and policies.

Nonreimbursable Agreements - Agreements that involve NASA and one or more Agreement Partners in a mutually beneficial activity that furthers the Agency's Missions. Unlike Reimbursable Agreements, each partner bears the cost of its participation and no funds are exchanged between the parties.

Funded Agreements - Agreements where appropriated funds are transferred to a domestic Agreement Partner to accomplish an Agency mission. Funded Agreements may be used only when the Agency's objective cannot be accomplished through the use of a procurement contract, grant, or cooperative agreement.

International Agreements - Reimbursable or Nonreimbursable Agreements where the Agreement Partner is a foreign entity. The foreign partner may be a legal entity not established under a state or Federal law of the United States and may include a commercial or noncommercial entity or person or governmental entity of a foreign sovereign.