About the NSSC Small Business Program

The NSSC Small Business Office is responsible for providing outreach and liaison support to industry (both large and small businesses) and other members of the private sector.  These activities are accomplished through a combination of individual counseling sessions, dissemination of information on upcoming NSSC procurement opportunities, and participation in local small business outreach events. The NSSC small business specialist also serves as the primary advisor to the NSSC acquisition community on all matters related to small business.    

The Vision of the NSSC Small Business Office is to promote and integrate all small businesses into the competitive base of contactors that pioneer the future of space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research.

 The Mission of the NSSC Small Business Office is to:

  • Advise the NSSC acquisition community on all matters related to small business
  • Promote the development and management of NASA programs that assists all categories of small business
  • Develop small businesses in high-tech areas that includes technology transfer and commercialization of technology
  • Provide small business maximum practicable opportunities to participate in NSSC prime contracts and subcontracts

It is important to note the NSSC small business specialist:

  • Cannot assist contractors in the preparation of proposals
  • Cannot in any way guarantee receipt of a contract award
  • Serves as an advisor to the Contracting Officer who has final authority over contractual matters
  • Is not involved in the personnel decisions of a contractor, including the hiring of new employees



The NSSC was established as a result of an OMB A-76 competition and opened for business on March 1, 2006, on the grounds of Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The NSSC performs selected business activities for all NASA Centers in financial management, human resources, information technology, procurement and business support services. The consolidation and standardization of these activities, previously performed across NASA, allowed the NSSC to improve customer service and provide business support comparable to our Agency's technical excellence.

NSSC Small Business Goals (Website Info):


FY19 Goals FY19 Actuals FY20 Goals
Small Business 39.7% 42.5% 40.4%
Small Disadvantage Business 5.2% 8.7% 5.1%
Hubzone 0.7% 1.8% 0.8%
Women Owned Small Business 5.2% 6.1% 5.1%
SDVOSB 1.4% 4.9% 2.4%


How to Do Business with the NSSC

1. Identify Your Product or Service

2. Register Your Business

3. Identify Your Target Market

4. Identify Current NSSC Procurement Opportunities

  • Identify current procurement opportunities in your product or service area by checking the Federal Business Opportunities Web site (https://www.fbo.gov) which can assist you in identifying NASA requirements and send you e-mail notifications of released requirements.

5. Familiarize Yourself with NASA Contracting Procedures

6. Investigate Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contracts

  • Contact the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) (http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100611) for information on how to obtain a Federal Supply Schedule contract. Many NASA purchases are, in fact, orders on FSS contracts.

7. Explore Contracting / Subcontracting Opportunities

  • Obtain information on new procurement opportunities for contracting or subcontracting by visiting the NASA Office of Small Business Program Acquisition Forecast. The opportunities are listed for all procurements that will be released within NASA for the next 18 to 36 months. The Acquisition Forecast can be found at https://osbp.nasa.gov/. Once login, click on the “How To Do Business with NASA” and the acquisition link will be displayed.

    NASA list of prime vendors are also located on this website.

8. Investigate Other NASA Small Business Programs

9. Market Your Firm Well

  • After you have identified your customers, researched their requirements, and familiarized yourself with NASA procurement regulations and strategies, it is time to market your product or service. Present your capabilities directly to the NASA Centers that buy your products or services. Realize that, as with yours, their time is valuable. If the match is a good one, you can provide them with a cost-effective, quality solution to their requirements. Good luck!


Point of Contact

Troy E. Miller

NSSC Small Business Specialist

(228) 813-6558



Christopher Canary

Small Business Technical Advisor

(228) 813-6224




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