Subscription Services Acquisitions

Historically, each NASA Center has awarded and administered their subscription services purchases utilizing a mix of Civil Servant (CS) and Service Provider (SP) procurement personnel and processes and procedures tailored to each Center. Subscription Services includes electronic and paper journal subscriptions, conference proceedings, papers, and library management software. Centers have implemented numerous continuous improvement initiatives to refine and streamline those processes within each individual Center.  The Agency as a whole has only periodically studied the potential benefits realized by further streamlining and consolidating the Agency's subscriptions purchasing activities within scope at one location.

By consolidating and transitioning the Agency's subscription services purchasing activities to a single location, the NSSC will be able to provide Agency leadership with greater insight into subscription services spending trends. Work tracking and data analytics tools (such as ServiceNow) are currently being implemented at the NSSC.  Agency leaders will have an unprecedented ability to electronically obtain real -time status on individual subscription services actions or an organization's entire subscription services portfolio.  Information tracked and compiled through ServiceNow can be used to develop additional tools and identify opportunities where the creation of contractual vehicles to strategically acquire more of the Agency's high-volume, repetitive subscription services purchases, which will help NASA achieve strategic sourcing goals set by the Office of Management and Budget.