COMING SOON - HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

In the coming months NASA will be transitioning HR services to HR Service Delivery (HRSD) – a new module for HR services in ServiceNow.  Training Administration is one of the first services to transition into HRSD which will lead to streamlined processes and a new look and feel to the user interface.  As systems and training are developed, we will be sharing material and conducting demonstrations with the training community. 


Click here to review NASA's most recent COVID-19 Conference and Training Guidance.

If your Offsite Training has been cancelled or postponed, please click here to submit an SF182 modification request.

For all Onsite Training for the remainder of FY20, NSSC is working with the Training Course POCs to cancel or postpone. Updates will be sent to the enrolled Learners as they become available.

Agency Training Administration

Training Administration consists of administering federal, agency, and Center mandated/required training, maintaining official training records for civil service employees, processing external (offsite) and internal (onsite) training requests to include procurement of training as required.

Training Administration activities consolidated at the NSSC in FY20 include, although not all encompassing, the following:

- Ensure NASA’s Training Administration operations meets regulatory requirements and is consistent with OPM and Agency policy guidance;

- Provide administrative coding for individual external training requests (SF-182) prior to purchase;

- Centrally Manage Continued Service Agreements (CSAs);

- Employee attendance verification;

- Collect and process grades for academic courses;

- Create all items and all scheduled offerings in SATERN for internal training offerings;

- Close out all internal training courses in SATERN (rosters);

- SATERN reporting and end-user support;

- Provide administrative support for internal training including obtaining requirements from customer/client;

- Administer Center training via SATERN, including SATERN Admin Lead (SAL) functions;

- Respond to all inquiries from both internal and external entities (e.g. OPM, NASA OCHCO, NASA Centers, etc.) on issues related to training administration; and

- Review draft training administration requirements for Agency, comment and apply newly published standards