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Federal law provides for a program of unemployment compensation for unemployed former Federal civilian employees. The Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) program provides a weekly income for a limited period of time to unemployed former Federal civilian workers who meet eligibility requirements, to help them meet basic needs while searching for employment.
Unemployment Compensation

The Unemployment Compensation program is administrated by the individual states (and the District of Columbia) as agents of the Federal government. The states determine eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits under the same terms and conditions that apply to State Unemployment Insurance. The rules vary from state to state.

In some jurisdictions, receipt of any annuity makes a separated employee ineligible for state benefits. In other states, they may be eligible for benefits if their separation was involuntary. Benefits are paid by the states from funds provided by the Federal Government. NASA will normally pay the cost of former employees' UCFE claims.

When an individual applies for unemployment compensation, the reason for the unemployment is very important in determining whether the compensation is payable. In order to safeguard its funds, NASA is responsible for appealing determinations which it believes are erroneous. NASA has contracted out the processing of claims for unemployment compensation.

The contractor represents management at administrative hearings to appeal a state's determination that a former employee is eligible for unemployment compensation although their separation was voluntary or for cause. Management may be asked to attend such hearings and testify by providing first-hand knowledge of the nature of the employee's separation.


As a NASA employee, if you choose to file for Unemployment Compensation while on a Shutdown Furlough, you will need to download and print a Standard Form (SF) 8, Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance located on the NASA Operating Status and Furlough Information Page at https://nasapeople.nasa.gov/shutdown/.

To expedite your claim, the Department of Labor advises that you provide the State Unemployment Office with the following documents:

  • Copy of Furlough Notice
  • Social Security Administration (SSA) Card
  • Earnings and Leave Statement, located in Employee Express at https://www.employeeexpress.gov
  • Most recent IRS Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, located in Employee Express

Please note that if you receive Unemployment Compensation for the Shutdown Furlough and receive retroactive pay, you will be required to repay the Unemployment Compensation funds.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE A SHUTDOWN FURLOUGH, it is critical that you download and save any furlough documents to a non-Government personal computer/device. You should also carefully review the information to ensure you have everything you need before a furlough. During a partial or full Shutdown Furlough, the Web sites, phone numbers, and other resources listed may not be available.

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