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Welcome to the Vendor Payment Information page.  NASA is committed to expedient and accurate payment of invoices.  On this page you will find information about invoice payment, tips to avoid delayed payments and answers to questions you may have about the payment of your invoice.   Any questions or inquiries should be addressed to the NSSC Customer Contact Center:


Call: 1-877-677-2123 (1-877-NSSC123)


Fax: 1-866-779-6772 (1-866-779-NSSC)

DCAA ISSUE: DEC. 8, 2015. As a result of Section 893 of Public Law 114-92, which prohibits the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) from providing contract audit support to NASA, DCAA is no longer reviewing cost type contract vouchers for NASA.  Thus, there is a need to slightly modify the process for vendors to submit vouchers for review and payment.  Please contact your Contracting Officer for specific instructions; DO NOT submit hardcopy vouchers to the NASA Shared Services.

Note:  As a result of this new public law, the DCAA DoDAACs (Department of Defense Activity Address Codes) and the DoDAAC for the NASA Center has to be changed in order to route for proper review/approval by Center Procurement. The DoDAAC for the NSSC Paying Office will not change.

Attention: WAWF Vendor Document Creation Support!
All Vendors must manually enter their information into WAWF.
Please see E-Invoicing Web Page 
Under Vendor Support: WAWF Vendor Document Creation! Thank you!

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is not to be used for the submission of fee vouchers.


NASA Implements E-Invoicing Solution

NASA's implementation of Department of Defense's Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) eInvoicing solution recently went live for nearly 50 NASA contracts identified with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) /Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) approved invoices.   WAWF is a secure web-based system for electronic invoicing, receipt and acceptance. WAWF allows government vendors to submit and track invoices and receipt/acceptance documents over the web and allows government personnel to process those invoices in a real-time, paperless environment.

All NASA vendors are to continue submitting their invoices to the NSSC using their current process until they receive their WAWF Transition Letter from their respective NASA Contracting Officer(s).  Please refer to the E-Invoicing and WAWF Quick Link on this page for additional information, training, registration work instructions, etc.


NASA Implements E-Invoicing Phase IA:

Effective March 31, 2014, NASA implemented e-Invoicing Phase IA and will expand the scope to include all cost type contracts as required by the Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations System (DFARS) change of August 29, 2012.  NASA Headquarters Procurement issued Procurement Information Circular (PIC) 14-02 to implement Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) on all cost type contracts to Center Procurement Policy Offices. 

The class deviation will provide authority to deviate from the auditor receipt of voucher requirements at NASA FAR Supplement (NFS) 1842.803(b)(1)(D).  This class deviation will implement the revised Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) policy and procedures for the submission and pre-payment processing of contractor interim vouchers as delineated in DFARS 242.803 (b) (B) entitled "Disallowing costs after incurrence, auditor receipt of voucher," dated August 29, 2012.


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