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The Customer Relationship Management Office seeks to:
● Ensure NSSC Customers have the opportunity to voice their opinions, experiences,
suggestions, praise, criticism, concerns, and ideas.
● Advocate on behalf of customers to ensure proper action is taken if the NSSC fails to
meet its Vision & Mission.
● Provide the NSSC with the best possible channels for communicating with customers
and delivering messages concerning policies, procedures, change, and best practices.
● Facilitate NSSC interaction with customers and stakeholders.
● Support and drive change management process for new business and Agency initiatives.
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Broad-Based Surveys
Broad-Based Surveys are now sent to NSSC customers every three years. Select services are surveyed on a monthly or quarterly basis.
There is no need to wait for a survey to tell us what is on your mind. You can complete
the online survey anytime.
Broad-Based Survey Results
Why Does the NASA Shared Services Center Embrace Social Media?
Communication is a significant challenge in any large organization. For the NSSC, it is no different. Our customer base includes employees working at every NASA Center, every NASA vendor, Grantees, job seekers, and the public who are seeking information on what we do. While our Web site is informative and frequently updated, we understand that we cannot expect busy NASA employees will visit our Web page as part of a daily routine, checking to see if anything new and relevant to them has been posted. We view social media as an opportunity to enhance Tier-0 service. If a NASA employee uses Facebook or Twitter, we have the ability to share information with them via a popular communication channel that they routinely access. In that sense, the NSSC brings information to our customers rather than forcing them to come to us. By accessing their social media accounts, they can learn about a new HR policy important to them, a change in travel regulations, or an activity via ESD that may affect the technology they use to do their job. Of course, this information is also available via our Web site. Social Media is not everyone's cup of tea.
In support of the government's mandate to be transparent and open, we invite the public to follow along if they have an interest in NASA and/or Shared Services Organizations. While some of our links are for NASA only customers, most of what we share is open to the world. (What else would you expect from an organization that publicly shares its performance and cost on a monthly basis?) Please accept our invitation to Connect with the NSSC via social media.
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